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Some facts and figures related to Latin America

Latin America

Latin America covers 13 percent area of the earth. It has a population of about 600 million people. It consists of different countries including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and many other countries. It consists of almost 33 countries. It has very rich and extensive history and culture. People of this state speak Latin languages including Portuguese, French, and Spanish. People of the Caribbean and Central America speak Dutch and English as well. Countries of this state start from the border of United States to the southern part of South America. It also includes the area of Caribbean island. Some of the interesting facts related to Latin America include:

Facts about countries

  1. Brazil is a country of this state which is 10th largest vehicle owner in the world.
  2. El Salvador is the smallest country in this state.
  3. Columbia is a country in this state which produces 90 percent of the emerald gemstones.
  4. Brazil exports food items throughout the world. It exports breakfast items such as orange juice, sugar, and coffee in the world.
  5. Brazil is a country which is populous and the biggest in the region.
  6. Most of the population of this state is urbanized and live in cities. Almost 80% of the population of this state lives in cities.
  7. This state designated as Costa Rica which means rich coast. It awarded this name because of the coastline between Caribbean and Pacific Coast which is at 800 miles.

Facts about languages

  1. The majority of the population in Latin America speak Spanish and Portuguese. Almost 60% of the population in this region speak in Spanish. 34% of the population speak Portuguese.
  2. Other languages in this region include French, English, Dutch, Italian, Mayan, Guarani and Quechua.
  3. Portuguese is a language which is spoken in Brazil only.

Facts about economy

  1. It is a state which has a stable political situation in countries. It is expected to be stable in next 10 years. This provides an advantage to the economy of this region.
  2. Some of the countries of this region are economically developed and undergone foreign investments. These countries include Peru, Colombia, and Chile. They maintain greater trade relationships with the United States and china.
  3. Colombia has undergone liberalization in foreign investment. It has ensured tax reduction of almost 25% for different industries and corporations.
  4. Peru has reduced tariff of about 80% under the trade promotion agreement with other countries.
  5. Chile is a country which promotes same rules and regulations regarding foreign investments for national and international investment groups and companies.
  6. Inflation level is lower in Colombia, Mexico, and Chile.
  7. Automotive sector of this region has developed a lot in the various countries such as Mexico and Brazil.
  8. Construction material is exported to different countries in the world by Latin American countries. Largest exported items include cement, machinery, ceramic and stone.

Facts about religion

The majority of the population in this state belong to Christianity. Almost 90% of the population engage with this religion. One other major religion in this region is Roman Catholic which associates 70% population.

So, Latin America is associated with broader culture, education and other interesting facts. This diversity is due to people belonging to different cultures in this state.