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Role of non-profit organization in modern era

non-profit organization

The non-profit organization works for societal benefits. It helps those people in a society who cannot depend on themselves for their needs. Such organizations perform their role for the sake of sustainability of people in the community. Several organizations are working from several years in each country. At every age, they perform their supportive role for the society welfare. In the modern era, nonprofit organizations work with the more supportive infrastructure to overcome the weaknesses of society poor people. We discuss some of these supportive roles of such organizations.

Social welfare and charity

Many nonprofit organizations are working throughout the world. These organizations assist people of the community by providing facilities for healthcare, education, food, shelter, and counseling. A number of such organizations are prevailing in society. Examples may include Red Cross, KABOOM, medical clinics, SOS children village etc. These charities donate for the people in need, emergency conditions, and disasters. Red Cross is a charity which provides assistance in an emergency. They provide medical facilities to relieve people. Medical Clinics provides medical facilities and supply medicines and healthcare materials to patients’ across the world. SOS children village provide shelter to orphaned and helpless children. In addition, a huge list of other nonprofit organizations exists which support to the community by providing facilities for education, shelter, and food. Such organizations prove to be fruitful for those needy and disasters facing people.


Nonprofit organization plays a key role in improving the education system for children. These organizations help to children whose parents cannot afford their education expenses. In addition, such organizations improve the system of education either by providing teachers or any other management support. For example, Teach for America is a nonprofit organization which facilitates the teachers to the educational institutions to improve the education system in America. They recruit new teachers for schools in urban and rural areas. Harlem Children is also one of such organizations that help educational institutions which need teachers. It guides to parents for how they should teach them the basic skills in life.


Many religious organizations act as nonprofit because they assist people associated with specific religion. These organizations are tax exempted because they serve the community of specific religion. For example, churches and many temples are nonprofit. They guide the Christians and Indians for their spending of life according to their religion. These religious organizations provide charitable services. But it is important to not involve in any political activity to be tax exempted for religious organizations. This is essential to maintain the status of tax exemption for nonprofit organizations.

Research roles

Some of the nonprofit organizations perform the role of research in the development of society. They perform this function free of cost for the sake of growth in any field. For example, The Rand Corporation is one of such organizations which perform research related to the medical treatments and then provide the recommendations for healthcare on the basis of this research.

So, nonprofit organizations perform roles in many fields to support the society. Through performing these roles, they provide opportunities for growth to the people.