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Interesting Facts About Smara

Smara is a beautiful city located in Morocco. This city is famous for its exquisite forests, mountains and beaches. This well-established travel destination attracts millions of people from around the world. Smara is an amazing mysterious land. Everyone who like tourism wants to explore this beautiful city of Russia. This article will highlight certain interesting facts about smara.

Exact location of smara

Samara is situated in the European side of Russia. On the world map, you can point smara on the left bank of the River Volga. This city is the central part of the Russian aviation industry and aerospace. It is the oldest city in Russia

Loaded with Music Festivals

A beautiful nature and warm climate make this city an ideal place for holding large-scale and popular music festivals. This city has hosted the Kacheli rock event since the year 2007 and also the legendary Grushinsky event of guitar poetry since the year 1968.

Famous for Football

Football is the game which has overwhelmed the life of the smara. People might not know that the famous national club of football known as Krylya Sovetov is based in this city. Every year the football games of various levels are played here. The local Metallurg Stadium of football is one of the most visited areas in the Russian League. People can know about the history of football in smara by visiting the municipal museum. This city lies in the list of 11 Russian cities that has hosted the football matches during the World Cup.

A versatile city

Samara is the main recreation place for tourists and local people. This city is divided into four parts for different individuals. It includes sectors for groups of revellers, families with kids, sportsmen, and others who want to enjoy serenity. Smara has beautiful sandy beach which attracts many people around the world. Samara celebrates Samarskaya Luka bicycle marathon every year. Moreover, this city has a ballet and Opera house known as a Philharmonic orchestra hall.

City of many religions

The Samara city that stretches over 4 km is a multi-confessional city. In this city, people can find Catholic, Orthodox, Armenian Apostolic church, Protestant churches, synagogues, mosques, and some other religious institutes.

Origin of the smart

Samara was initiated as a fortress. It was erected in the year 1586 to protect the eastern boundaries of Russia from attacks of nomads. Due to its beautiful architecture, this city then comes on the limelight for the tourists.

Famous productions of smara

Samara is popular for the production of satellites, chemical products, aircraft, aerospace launch vehicles, and various engines. The other famous production of smara includes Rodnik Vodka, Zhiguli beer, and chocolates.

Education in smara

Samara is the main scientific and educational midpoint of the Volga region. It consists of 13 commercial and twelve public institutions of higher education. It further includes 26 colleges for higher studies. Samara National Research University lies in the leading technical and engineering institutions. The hardworking graduates of this institute have been playing an important role in the space programs of Russia.