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Charities for the children you should know about

Charities for the children

Charities are the organizations that set up to provide help to the people and raise money for those who are in need. Every charity has their own cause on which they work and provide help to needy ones. Charities for children are working for child welfare to give them good life ahead.

The lunchbox charity:

The charity named as Lunchbox Fund is a charity that aims to help South African school children to get healthy meals. They want to aware children about a healthy diet, ask them to avoid unhealthy food and also give them menu to follow and be healthy. They are working on the health issues and want to give awareness to children, that what are best for them eat. Charities for children who are working to give secure life and are helping them are the best and deserves your donations. The second focus of this charity is the female empowerment, they employ the women to prepare and serve the food to the children.

The lunchbox charity members say that when a child is properly fed, they become more energetic and are able to do work and focus on other things properly. According to them, children who are part of this charity shows better results in academics than the children who are not getting a proper diet. In their recent program, students successfully completed their program and are now enrolled in the colleges.

This charity also provides food in development centers, schools and after school times in the towns and rural areas. 

Alex’s foundation:

The Alex Foundation helps to find a childhood cancer. They give awareness and raise funds for the childhood cancer. They want to give awareness about the cause and help the cancer patient with their funds. This charity gives funds to the organization to do research on the cause. They want to help all children suffering from cancer. Charities for children that are helping to cure them of disease are the important one you should know and also tell others when you are thinking to donate to something.

Book little charity:

The little charity is the free book library. It was started to give tribute to his mother. She taught her son to make a model house and fill it with the books. She asks him to put it in front of her neighbors so that they can exchange reading material. The small idea of taking the book and leaving the book has now become big and spread across the state. Awesome book charities for children deserve your donations in any kind.

The defense fund:

The charitable mission is to give a healthy start to children. They want to give them a fair and moral start and a successful adult life. They have programs for the children as their health insurance, school, and scholarship program. With the help of families, they make sure that children are protected and secure. Everyone should know about the charities for children like these.